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Its been amazing genny for me couse I was court early hours in the morning in 2013 drinnk and driving. Next thing I was arresset for coulp of tours. I was the worst thing that have ver happen to me but that opened my eyes. I went to Khayelitsha court then on my court date and blood results were there. Weeks after that got a redom call from Khayelitsha police station saying that my blood results were back and I need to appear in court. The court cam and I went to court and the judge decide not to sentence and sent me to NICRO. I first missed my oppointment but I went to their office and I explain Lucky the social worker as nice and give me other chance. At the first I didn’t know about the programme but the social worker explained about the programme and went to the sessions and I have gain a lot of information and knowledge.





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