NICRO was the right decision

Here I am since I have to go to NICRO. My life it has been change because of you. Now I am good person because of the following. I don’t use drugs, I don’t use alcohol etc. People from NICRO tell me the instructions about how you could protect yourself from drugs. And since I have work walk a long way my life it has been change because I have never done wrong things. And that means I am proud of you. And since I have come to the jail, I know to smile and laugh with the people and my family also, and know I feel happy. Know I take the right decision because I have seen what is wrong and what is right. Know I am person and I love my friends and my girlfriends. I love her and its better to have someone that guide you to the wrong things like violence. Now I am the man I have to feel the pain and that I feel I will never and never forget it in my life. It was hard to me. Thank you. And I will never forget you. I love you because you help me and I don’t know what I could makes for you.





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