I thank the magistrate

In 2012 December, I was charged for Crimen Injuria offence after a misunderstanding that I had with the victim. My case was dealt with by the Empangeni court. The magistrate then decided to send me to NICRO Empangeni. On My arrival at Empangeni NICRO, I got in contact with a Social worker, Mrs Zondi who assisted me throughout. The worker engaged me in three counselling sessions on conflict management. In addition to that, she arranged for me to meet with the victim so as to reconcile and ask for forgiveness. In our meeting for reconciliation, the discussion was tense because the victim was still angry and appeared not accepting my apology. However, I will like to thank Mrs Zondi for her skills and guidance she brought in ensuring that the victim and I ended up reaching a mutual understanding regarding the matter. The learning and skills I acquired from NICRO was that, I needed to learn to behave correctly, give respect to either old or young persons and to have an appropriate way to deal with challenging situations.

I have now changed my behaviour patterns because of NICRO and I am encouraging other colleagues at work to do the same. I am doing this by providing them with the information on how hard was it for me to attend court, my inability to support my family financially as I was not getting paid for the days I was at court and the physical stress I underwent.

I would like to thank the Magistrate who gave me the second chance, to learn about my behaviour and work with NICRO. It is my request that other Magistrates may also give other offenders who committed similar offences an opportunity to start afresh through NICRO programs. I will be pleased if other people whose been in conflict with the law like me, if they may read my letter. I am encouraging everyone who is still portraying an unacceptable lifestyle to stop doing that because the law is there and not everyone may get that opportunity to be referred to NICRO for rehabilitation. My plans are to commit myself to church and to stick to the knowledge I received from NICRO. As well I need to extend my apology to the victim and thank him for humanity he had shown through mutual agreement we reached.





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