The importance of family

GG was arrested for robbery in 1999 and released 2007. He is 52 years of age married with two kids. It was his family that never stopped offering full support while in Voorberg Prison, visiting him all the time and advised him to study or do any skills development training that could help him one day once released. He listened to his wife’s advice and registered himself for Rubber Mat manufacturing training that was offered inside the prison.

He completed the training and produced different rubber mats of different sizes for the prison. He was released in 2007 and got in touch with NICRO when He had a court Case with his step mother then sentenced to community service. He completed his sentence then referred to EOP where he completed the Start and Improve Your Business training in May 2009.

His wife offered to assist him by signing as a surety for the loan application to buy tools for his business. GG was assisted in the process in developing a business plan and facilitate the process of loan application to ensure that he receives the loan application forms and complete them.


NPO Registration Number: 003-147 NPO
Section 21 Company Registration Number: 2006 / 032333 / 08
PBO Number: 930 002 834


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